I'm Bored!
Envisioning the dripping clock waving each second goodbye
Well, I could've travelled all round the globe, could've lived to die
Perhaps I've saved the lives of many a suffering man 
Seen grandiose elephants knighted to rule their land 

Found a new word in a new language per day
If only I could afford to behave
But when I get told what I'm not supposed to say
Do you expect me to make a change?

How can I give an answer if it's something I can't explain?

Babies were born in my life, I waved as they moved away from me
The flat expanse of sand drowned out by the wailing sea
Wars blew up and cities fell down to the flick of a careless wrist
The world's on outside, and what will I have missed?

Passing time, watching myself drown in sure-blue ink
Reading isn't believing, speaking is unheard
I wanna find true love but I'm being taught how to think
From an overwritten, overheard, overrated textbook word

Will I still be wondering if I'm wondering if I'm sane?

Can I escape this single room that surely brings on doom

Can I find an answer, or will I be met with laughter

If I'm all alone, then why do I hear screeching

Would my own hand be the one felt on my back, creeping

When I've paid my sentence, then can I go out and play?

Well I'm gonna go save the world...
-English Jam