Game 1: Japan 72 vs 0 Guatemala

Japan started with Victory in the World University Championship







With a total of ten Touchdowns and a Safety, Team Japan Defeated Guatemala with a Score of 72-0 in their first match of the 2nd World University Championship of American Football.

In the first quarter, Team Japan got five Touchdowns, first with a ten yard run by Maoki Furukawa, followed by Touchdowns of Akira Shirane, two touchdowns of Shunya Kotsusa, one of Aruto Nishimura, and finally a safety for a score of 37-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Japan increased its advantage in the second quarter with two more Touchdowns by Kazuki Takaguchi and another one by Yudai Urano who intercepted and scored a Touchdown reaching a 51-0 score at the end of the first half of the game.

As it was throughout the first half, at the beginning of the third quarter, Japan continued their dominance; Yoshihito Omi scored the only Touchdown of the third quarter with a complete pass.

For the last period Kokii Narita managed to increase the score to 65-0 with a complete pass, followed by a Touchdown by Maoki Furukawa, who scored his second Touchdown pushing the score to 72-0.

Wide receiver Shunya Kotususa, was selected the Most Valuable Player of Team Japan. He expressed that he feels happy about the distinction and that it was a goal for him for this tournament.