Game 2: China 0 vs 74 Mexico

Debuts Mexico with victory in World University Championship







Mexico looked dominant in his first game at the World University Championship of American Football 74-0 defeating its counterpart China.

In the first quarter Mexico showed its power. The first score was a result of a fumble of China; on the second play Jesus Mata the mexican quarterback managed an option and he got into the end zone with a six-yard run.

The next touchdown was a carry of ball five yards of Fernando Mejía in the second offensive series of the Mexican team to make the score 14-0.

After those two touchdowns, William Lemonnier referee of the game, stopped the game for an hour due to an electrical storm that started and  threatened the integrity of the players.

After less than 30 minutes, the storm was over and the match continued.

When the game resumed a pass from 25 yards Jesus Mata was catched by Humberto Noriega to make the score 20-0 and Rodrigo Arias got the extra point for 21-0.

Emmanuel Serna intercepted the pass to Yishen Li to run 16 yards for a pick six and increase the scoring for Mexico 27-0, but the extra point was missed Rodrigo Arias.

A lost turn over from the Chinese, gave Fernandez the chance to recover the ball and ran 23 yards for a 33-0 missing the extra point again.

In the next offensive series nine-yard pass to Jesus Ricardo Cervantes put the score 40-0 to end the first quarter.

During the second period, on a blocked ball of Gerardo Ruiz, he took the ball to score and the extra point came with Eduardo Retana, broad the score 47-0 in favor of Mexicans. Ruiz looked again to intercept Li and run 35 yards and finish the first half 54-0.

From the beginning of the third quarter, Eduardo Marcos scored on a 45 yard from a pass Max Villarreal and the extra point was put Mexico up 61-0.

Max Villarreal pass to Ricardo Cervantes brought the following 13-yard touchdown for Mexico and ended the third quarter 68-0.

At the beginning of the last quarter Ricardo Razo intercepted Yishen and returned the pass to touchdown for 74-0.

Mexico’s next game will be on June 5 against Guatemala at the Estadio Tecnologico, while China will face next Saturday the United States in the Eagles Club.

_JR14546The most valuable player of the meeting was Emmanuel Serna from Mexico who plays for UDLAP and China Zhang Song #24 running back with Beloit Collage.

Serna intercepted a pass and returned it 17 yards to TD for a pick six.