Game 3: USA 55 vs 0 China

United States begins with a victory in the WUC







Monterrey, N.L. June 4, 2016.- With good steps, the US team debuted in the World University Championship of American Football by defeating Team China 55-0 in the field of Club Aguilas.

On the first play of the game, China kicked the ball and Felix Neboh received the ball 75 yards to run and reach the end zone for the first six points. The extra point was good through Matthew Davis for 7-0.

After a fumble, United States recovered the ball and Christopher Elliott increased the advantage on a 10-yard run and the extra point from Davis for the 14-0.

Before the end of the first quarter, from 25 London Fitzhugh yard ran into the end zone and with the extra the Americans made the score 21-0.

For the second quarter Chad Mccone took the ball in yard 10 from Chinese area to get the touchdown and this time Ryan Gralish got the extra for 28-0.

Before halftime Elgin Hillard US Jr scored on a 25-yard run while the extra point was blocked by China and went into the half 34-0.

For the third quarter came the sixth and seventh touchdown through Andrew Dillon and close the third quarter 48-0.
One more touchdown was scored in the last quarter, when once again London Fitzhugh ran 20 yards and close out the match 55-0.

The most valuable player was Chad Mccone United States and China was Boren Zhao. USA will have their next match against Japan on Monday June 6th, while China will play against Guatemala the next day, both games will be at 18:00 at Monterrey Tech Stadium.

The Club Aguilas grounds looked full and with a great atmosphere in the stands.