Game 4: Guatemala 0 vs 63 Mexico

Mexico obtains second victory on the WUC Monterrey 2016







Monterrey, N.L. June 5, 2016.- With a superior game, without losing discipline and rotating their quarterbacks Francisco Mata Charles and Javier Chio Mendez and a extraordinary performance by Rodrigo Alonso Arias, Team Mexico defeated Team Guatemala 63-0 on game 4th of the WUC.

The mexican team was clearly dominant from the beginning till the end, in this their second game of the World University Championship of American Football, since from the first half of the game they went up in the scoreboard by and advantage of 35 points.

It was on the opening kick-off, when Alcidez Benitez received the ball and ran 65 yards to the endzone to put the score 7-0 with the extra point of Rodrigo Arias.

In the first mexican drive, Francisco Mata Charles quarterback sent a 34 TD pass to Victor Gutierrez to increase the advantage to 14-0.

At the last minutes of the 1st Quarter a new pass from quarterback Francisco Mata Charles now with Rodrigo Arias set the score 21-0.

On actions of the 2nd Quarter, Team Mexico increased it’s advantage with pass to Humberto Noriega #19 and a 1-yd run from Emilio Fernández #23 to put the half time score of 35-0.

For the second half Javier Chio took control as the quarterback, and gave the ball to Ruben Zendejas who ran the ball 3 yards to the endzone to put the 42-0.

In that same quarter, Juan Manuel Marquez defensive back intercepted a pass and ran it 35 yards to the endzone and with Arias extra point the score got 49-0.

On the last quarter, a run from 3 yards by Octavio Zatarain and a pass of Chio to Juan Eduardo Retana of 30 yards the final score was set on 63-0 for the mexican team.

For this game the head coaches of both teams elected their Most Valuable Players, Rodrigo Arias #31 from Team Mexico and Rafael Pimentel #34 from Team Guatemala.

The next game for Team Mexico will be next Wednesday June 8th at 18:00hrs; whereas for Team Guatemala they will be facing Team China on June 7th at 14:00hrs, both games will be played on Monterrey Tech Stadium.