Game 6: China 3 vs 0 Guatemala

Team China gets first win in World Championship







Monterrey, N.L. June 7, 2016.- .- It was not until the fourth quarter with only 10:39 minutes remaining on the clock when Team China got the winner field goal to score their first points and get the first victory in the World University Championship of American Football beating 3 -0 to Team Guatemala.

During the first half of the game, the game was fully dominated by the defenses of both teams, playing hard and limiting their offensive counterparts to low production on the field of Technology Stadium and went into the break without opening the score.

The third quarter remained the same tone and both teams never found the way to break the defensive opposition until they got to the final period, Team China got to the Chinese 28 yard and sent their field goal kicker Tianzhu Zhan to get 38 yards winner, giving China their first victory in the tournament.

Chen Siyu, head coach of Team China, expressed his joy at getting this win at the World University Championship (WUC):

“I am very pleased that we have obtained this first victory in a WUC, we know that we have a lot to learn and improve, but we have taken a giant step with this victory in football in our country.

We want to recognize the great work that the players from Guatemala made, they had 25 players and never give up”, said the coach from China at the end of the game.”

Meanwhile, Eleazar Paiz MVP for team Guatemala spoke about what they need to work in their country to have a more competitive team.

“We are very glad to participate in a World University Championship, I think we need to work from the basis, because back there in Guatemala, we begin playing too old, we already have a program on which children 4 years old begin playing, and definitely, that will help us a lot”, said the player.

For Team China, the MVP was for Yiquan Zhao por his great effort on the defense of his team.

Guatemala will close it’s participation in this World University Championship next Thursday June 9th when they face Team USA, while the Chinese will face Team Japan on Friday June 10th, both games to be celebrated on Monterrey Tech Stadium at 18:00hrs.