Streaming 2nd World University Championship

By: Prensa Monterrey 2016

May 29th, 2016


Monterrey Organizing Committee through MaximoAvance.Com will be streaming live through the Bixel St. Media Channel on, the Opening Ceremony and the 11 games of the 2nd World University Championship of American Football from the FISU to be held on Monterrey, Mexico from June 1 to 11th, on Monterrey Tech Stadium.


Throughout this feature all the fans form other countries and remote locations will have access to the streamings to watch the games during the event, through their personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.


These are the links for the 6 games of the group phase, as well as the Opening Ceremony.


Inauguración Campeonato Mundial Universitario  Junio 1, 14:00hrs


Guatemala vs. Japón; Junio 2, 14:00hrs


China vs. México; Junio 2, 18:00hrs


China vs. EUA; Junio 4, 18:00hrs


México vs. Guatemala; Junio 5, 18:00hrs


EUA vs. Japón; Junio 6, 18:00hrs


Guatemala vs. China; Junio 7, 14:00hrs


Japón vs. México; Junio 8, 18:00hrs


Guatemala vs. EUA; Junio 9, 18:00hrs


China vs. Japón; Junio 10, 18:00hrs


EUA vs. México; Junio 11, 18:00hrs


GMT-6 Standard Time.