WUC 2016 will be played in Mexico

On Novemeber 9, 2013 in the City of Brussels, Monterrey in Mexico was designated as the venue for the 2016 World University Championship.

During a press conference held at the premises of the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE), deputy director of support to the National Sports System (SINADE), José Luis Rodríguez, accompanied by José Eduardo Martínez de la Vega, president of the Student Sports Private Institutions (CONADEIP) and Secretary General of the National Sports Council of Education (CONDDE), Julio Guedea, National Commission unveiled details of the plans.

"In our country, football also has deep roots, there are people who practice enthusiastically. In CONADE we are very pleased by the interagency effort made by the major agencies that promote the sport at the collegiate level. It’s good to join forces because the selection will be for Mexico", said Rodriguez.

Also attending the general coordinator of the Mexican College American Football League, Oscar López Trujillo and Jorge Orobio, President of the Mexican Football Federation of Mexico (FMFA).

"It is important for football transcends opportunity in our country. The idea was to work together with the project CONADEIP. It is the first time an event of this type and what better than to partake is done", he added.

During the conference confirmed to the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, as the seat of the Second World College Football Championship to be held in 2016.

"We see players playing in teams of public and private universities. And here came the opportunity to host the 2016 World Cup , which will be performed in the city of Monterrey, because it is the most viable to host this event", said Guedea.